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  Top 10 things wrong with America or at least ten things that should be fixed
« on: June 02, 2006, 09:58:22 PM » by JohnnM
Heres a list of the things I consider to be wrong with America. Feel free to blast them oh and pardon the spelling I'm lazy also I'm not offering any solutions here just pointing out whats wrong with the US of A

10.The Media- We need something entertaining  and unbiased if thats possible. The Media just spins shit and sell us products. We need C-span minus the boring

9. Our celebrity obsessed culture- Really i don't give a shit what the stars are up to neither should you or the fat woman behind me buying up all the tabloids. We need to start focusing on the future instead of the next skinny skank

8.The culture- Sure its not as bad as the TV pundits lead you to believe but this new culture is sure an idiotic, shallow one. MTV is by far the worst offender. Cmon kids be a scientist or a lawyer rather than the next fiddy or Madonna or whatever those crazy kids listen to these days(me included)

7.Fundamentalism+politics-We don't need more religion in our government people. I haven't once heard of a government that was actually improved by Turing into a theocracy

6.Politics- Whens the last time you felt good about our politicos?
Never because they are bloodsucking leeches that look only for themselves and don't do shit for the American people and I'm not talking about the GOP only I'm talking about the whole thing Dem's,Greens,reds and purples

5. The Dumbassifictaion of American Kids- this is a pretty sad one. we rank pretty low in test scores between the other industrial nations. Our kids are    getting stupider by the minute and we're just adding to it by doing nothing. They idolize airheaded celebrities  and pursue follhardy careers instead of folling academia of course they should have fun and enjoy themselves but being a mother at 15 is pretty sad

4.War- we are embroiled in to wars right now that have no end in sight. We keep sending our finest over there but they seem to have no effect other than inflaming the enemy more. we need to stabilize quick and leave fast somewhat like wam bam thank you mam sort of dealie

3. A culture of P*ssies- Our culture encourages a mentality of going  as fast as the slowest one can go this can only lead to decline. We should help the underperforming but focus more on the best and brightest instead of this PC "lets not hurt their feelings" It waters down the culture and performance of our nation

2. Political correctness- This is a terrible force at work in America. People are afraid to speak their mind for fear of offending a minority and majority or some obscure fringe group. Black comedians can lampoon whites but they cant do the same its ridiculous. Of course hate speech should be limited but ither than that free reign. This leads me to censorship since the Janet boobgate at the super bowl are americans really that prudish to have been offended by Janets breast?(I wonder if she was white would there have been that much furor) please america learn how to parent. Stop blaming it on the media,TV and video games. I dont want to pay for your fatass kids incurred taxes expedentures beacuse you think TV and Vidoe games made them fat. Send them to the desert for a couple days without food and they'll be good as new, but really teach those assholes some damn respect and manners and make them watch at least mildly stimlating(intellectually) Tv rather than Yo momma on MTV or some other shit.

1. The american people- You know why the world thinks we're a bunch of dumbass obese slobs? Thats beacuse about half of us our. We flock to populists and never dare question aothority lest they be called Unamerican. The public have the power to change america for the better. We goota get on thsoe treadmills,get politically informed, educated and less annoying. of course thats a pipe dream but a guy can dream cant he?

I know its poorly written but I whipped i up to stimulate a serious discussion so go ahead discuss

  Re: Top 10 things wrong with America or at least ten things that should be fixed
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2006, 12:38:43 AM » by ECA
Lets see,
we are taught as kids that Someone ELSE will do it for us, if we wait.
We wait, and no one comes along.
We are passed thru school, with no expectations of learning HOW to think.
1/2 the crud told to us, is medical crap, and 1/2 truths.
WE expect the gov to protect us, and bitch when we stub our toes, and Sue the Table maker, and get laws that say Table legs must be padded.
We THINk the Gov is for the people, but we dont tell them what we want, so they listen to those that DO speak to them...CORPS.
We elect those that raise there hands, and expect them to be the knowledgable ones, AND THEY AINT.  They ware the ones who figured out How to screw the system and US.

Think about Portland OR, whose major was rasied in NYC, and has never been to the Northwest.  shows up and runs for office.  And SCREWS it all up, and runs the City as if it WAS NYC.

If all the world is a stage, I am the target of tomatoes and fresh fruit.
Hemorrhoids Unite, the first arsehole to raise his hand is president.

  Re: Top 10 things wrong with America or at least ten things that should be fixed
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2006, 03:57:21 AM » by Max Bell
(In no particular order)

1. Focus on yourself, instead of other people. If all the world's problems are somebody else's doing, your self-image probably isn't too realistic. Everybody has a ton of advice that they ignore themselves. While it may not be as effective as screaming and waving a .50 cal., leading by example has the advantage of being an effort to lead by example.

2. Each person's life is unique, and unless you get hit by a train, odds are the entirety of your existence will flash before your eyes when you die. You don't want this to go by too quickly, you don't want to look at your own life and not be able to tell it from the guy's two cubes down, and you don't want your last thought to be "Wow, I really WAS a prick!"

3. Roughly half of everything you're told will be wrong. If you really try, you might remember to ask "Why" each time you're told something. "Why" is the most important question you can ask, not just because it will cut down on the overall level of misinformation, but because there's a real percentage in being able to bullshit people and it relies completely on people doing what they're told.

4. The only thing worse than entropy is solipsism. Yes, the universe around you is decaying at rates just as fast or faster than you yourself and if its going to make you a nihilist, the ultimate form of nihilism is to void yourself out. But if you've just gotta stick around to see how the movie ends, then the last thing you want is for somebody to try and shoehorn you into their reality picture. Its a two-way street.

If you assume your view of existence is the same as everyone else's, you're going to end up trying to shoehorn somebody else into a space they don't fit. Nobody is so different from you that they'll simply do things for no reason at all, and nobody is so similar that they'll do things for the same reasons you do.

The importance of walking a mile in someone else's shoes is not just because its the only way one can reasonably hope anyone else will return the favor, but because its impossible to understand one's self or anyone else outside that contrast.

5) There are a million and one ways to waste your life, and one of the easiest is to buy into someone's off the rack value system. Being good is not difficult, in fact, it comes fairly naturally; if it seems impossible then its probably because somebody's conned you into thinking that if you're not perfect, its because you're inherently bad. This is a good way to waste your life enriching the hypocritical, since real gurus tend to place enormous value on avoiding having anyone mistake them for a guru.

If you can't accept the values that you have, you'll wind up living in denial of your own behavior and hating yourself for falling short of a standard you weren't ever capable of or interested in in the first place. Make mistakes, learn from them, and move on.

6) There are real reasons to live in fear; too many do so because that's what they think they're supposed to do. If you lived your life in complete obedience to someone else, you are still trusting your judgment enough to see some wisdom in acknowledging their authority. If you can't bridge the gap between your judgment and anyone else's, other people will live your life for you. Think for yourself because you HAVE to, and nothing will come of it until you can.

7) No one can give you value. The pat on the head, the little stroke that comes with a compliment or a trophy is absolutely meaningless if you think you got it by fraud. The only time you will ever feel worthwhile is when you are certain that you deserve to feel worthwhile and if you don't, no one can tell you otherwise. And when you do feel that, yourself, the rest of the world can FO&D if they don't agree.

8) Not everything fits into a numbered list, and while sitting around and comparing notes with other people surely ranks among the best experiences in life, too much of it can be a distraction from making a genuine effort to figure it all out.

And that you have to do on your own.

But that's also the very best thing that there is*.

*Besides driving one's enemies before them and hearing the lamentations of their significant others, of course. YMMV. :D

  Re: Top 10 things wrong with America or at least ten things that should be fixed
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2006, 10:16:20 AM » by ECA
You are the only one that can make yourself happy.  Without yourself, no-one else has a chance to make you happy.

Be good to yourself.  If you cant help yourself, you CERTAINLY cant help others.

If all the world is a stage, I am the target of tomatoes and fresh fruit.
Hemorrhoids Unite, the first arsehole to raise his hand is president.

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